Benefits of Finger Painting

Finger painting has many developmental, educational and creative benefits.

Research has shown that art activities are important for brain development in early childhood.

One of these is sensory play where kids learn through their senses.

Sensory integration is a developmental process where touch, taste, hearing and vision are part of brain development for later spatial, math and language concepts.

Messy play like finger painting is important to every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information as well as being relaxing creative way to express feelings.

Here are some of benefits when you make finger painting part of your child's play at home.

  • Kids learn how colors work, especially mixing primary colors
  • Good for Sensory Integration
  • Senses of hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are used
  • Improves fine motor developmental, strengthens finger and hand muscles
  • Focus on process not finished product
  • Therapeutic-express feelings without words
  • Promotes social skills-sharing paint pots, taking turns, working together are all a good social experience
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • If the finger painting is done on the floor kids use balance, large muscle control and spatial awareness
  • Develops communication and language skills when done as a group activity
  • Learn about color, shape and spatial relationships

Finger painting is an easy activity that has physical, creative and social benefits for your child.


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