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KidzArt program has been designed to allow children to express their creativity in a free way.  We believe that art is for everyone.  Our Squiggles and Grins program is among the most popular program.  Children at this young age are still very curious about many things. They love to touch, to feel, to talk and certainly to play.  It is exactly what our Squiggles and Grins program is all about.

In just 60 minutes, you can spent time with your children and help them to learn new things.  You can direct them to make decision by offering them colours or by

letting them do finger paintings.  Watching their expression when they first encounter wet paint is really so much fun!!  Many young children have not experience this before. To them paint, sponges, stamps could be something exciting or even a bit scary at first.  This something that you would not want to miss.

You can find this program at all our studios.  Just give them a call and find out that you too can also enjoy the program.mommy and me


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