Tanbo Art

Art is a creation that created with expertise or extraordinary talent to produce a beautiful images or forms. In this world there are various types of art.One of them is the art of painting called Tanbo Art that originated in Japan.



Tanbo Art is the art of painting on a giant canvas in the form of wet rice fields planted with rice and shaped well so it produce a giant image.  This artwork first appeared in 1993 in the village of Inakadate , Aomori Prefecture , which is 600 miles from the city of Tokyo .The inception of Tanbo Art is when villagers find ways to revitalize the village and to honour the history of wet rice field in Inakadate that have been used to grow rice since 2000 years ago and gave prosperity to the village.

The first art work of Inakadate farmers is Mount Iwaki that completed within 9 years of period. Until now they have produce nomerous creation with a more elaborate design.

Every April, the villagers will have a discussion to plan a picture to be made. Design of the initial image created with the help of a computer to aided site planning,the size and the planting process. With rice field as a giant canvas and with various types of rice , they began the process of rice cultivation to become a giant image. The size of the land sector use is about 15,000 square meters.  The agreement with the owner of the land allows the image to be made larger. In 2007 , 700 people helped in making Tanbo Art. Until now more than 300,000 tourists visited the village to see Tanbo Art . To be able to see the overall results of this art image , a mock castle as high as 22 meters is established at the village office .

Several other villages have followed Inakadate village to make Tanbo Art in their own villages,as in the village of Yonezawa and Yamagata Prefecture. If you visit Japan,you can stop in those villages to see the beauty of Tanbo Art. Certainly we will be in awe and amazed by the gorgeous of this rice field art.


Source : Wikipedia.org


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