Kamasan Art Painting

Kamasan art painting originally from the Kamasan Village located in Klungkung regency Bali, Indonesia. Kamasan painting pattern is widely used and has inspired a variety of traditional Balinese paintings.




When we visit the Kamasan region, there are many places where we can buy Kamasan painting and even learn the basics of Kamasan painting, there we will be able to see the very skilled artists and they are not bothered by the presence of tourists during their work.


Kamasan Village artwork which is the most famous is Wayang painting. The artist is so masterful in making Wayang painting depicting some of the figures in the story of Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The painting is very beautiful and has a characteristic that can’t be found anywhere else.

The canvas material used is a coarse cloth. The fabric is dipped in powdered rice porridge and dried under the sun. This is done to close and to flatten the surface of fabrics. After it's dried, it is rubbed well to create a more refined surface. Then the drawing was made.


Steps in drawing the image of Wayang consist of dividing the whole canvas into several pieces to put the wayang images and the picture elements. The final paintings contain puppet images has a clear story which make the painting even more unique and beautiful.


This is a true gem from Indonesian Art.


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