It's Time for an Art Surprise...

Everybody loves surprises!!
Well, it's not quite right....  Everybody loves surprises that they love ..

This is what KidzArt is all about.

KidzArt has a unique and well diversed programs that can be organised to suit particular events.  KidzArt organises various events like birthday parties, holiday programs, in school field trips, after-school programs and many more.

Our program can be tailored as well as themed according to the event and participant. Because all KidzArt program has been carefully designed and tested before use, you can be sure that your event is going to be a successful one.  The participants will enjoy themselves and frequently surprised themselves on what they can create.  What can be better than a surprise that everyone loves?

Take a look at our Event Gallery to see our past activities and contact us to find out more.




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