Pixelpaint - Digitize Your Ideas !!

It's time for you to experience how to use technology to create wonderful works of art!!

Pixelpaint is different than our regular class. It consists of only 10 sessions to let you explore the possibility of digital drawing.  The class uses an iPad as a digital canvas.

Each project is designed to be completed on one session and has a gradual increase in variations and complexities. Once you completed the full 10 sessions, you will be comfortable to digitize your ideas into the world. Check out a creation by one of our students on a Pixel Paint Class.

Pixelpaint is a non-regular course that will be made available only at a certain time of the year. The first class will start on 1st September 2016 at KidzArt Puri. Be sure to grab your seat now.

(Note. Currently, Pixelpaint is only available at KidzArt Puri).

For registration & information please call KidzArt Puri at 021 5830 2588





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