Photo and Art Gallery

We have made a dedicated photo gallery for you to explore what our students have created in their Kidzart Classes. Every session on Kidzart classes allow student to create one art work according to the curriculum which has been selected for that particular session.

Our Certified Kidzart Instructor will show a model drawing and provide guidance for students on how to create this drawing. We also let our students know some facts and background story for that picture. This can include information about the original artist, drawing technique and also historical and cultural information. Our unique brain storming process will allow students to understand ways to breakdown the picture into smaller pieces which make them realise that drawing is easy and fun... !!.

With the use of our premium art supplies plus our method for creativity enhancement technique students will have the opportunity to express their mind to the fullest. You’ll always be surprised to find out what your children have created in Kidzart Class....

Enjoy our Art Gallery and Please have a look at our Kidzart Events too. !!


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