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At KidzArt, we are particularly curious about creativity and how it is developed. We believe that creativity exists in everyone. At KidzArt, we TEACH our students how to unleash creativity. Art and the creative process is a fertile field to accomplish a task. Because with art, there are no wrong directions. With art and creativity, there can be no mistakes. With process art (or making art), obstacles to learning become very easy to spot.

Kids have a great need to express themselves in many ways — artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. KidzArt impacts each and every area of expression. At KidzArt, we believe art can be created by everyone. Our mission is to provide kids of all ages with the opportunity to have art in their lives, increase their skills and knowledge of various art media, learn to draw using a proven method, and most of all, to have fun!

KidzArt was developed as a fun program designed to help children become creative thinkers and problem solvers. What begins as random shapes and colors emerge as confidence building skills to pursue almost any subject. Every fish, flower and castle will be as unique and vibrant as your child’s imagination. KidzArt is not just limited for “artistic” children. ITS FOR CHILDREN WHO never thought they could draw.

Our team of highly qualified instructors is committed to providing students with an ongoing, educationally rich and highly engaging creative forum in which to explore a broad array of artistic styles and techniques and to experiment with professional quality materials.

From the Picassos-in-training to those who think they‘ll never get it, art becomes approachable and much more fun than ever imagined with KidzArt. After participating in KidzArt, confidence grows and skills develop that carry over into other areas of study. Soon students find themselves trying things they never would have attempted before.

KidzArt has programs that correspond to all life stages.


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