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One of the beauty of KidzArt curriculums and projects is that they can be tailored to suit virtually anybody who are interested to do creative arts and have lots of fun.  KidzArt Curriculum has been kid tested for over 20 years in United States and currently exceeds the US National Standard of Art Education.  Therefore everyone should be rest assured that every KidzArt session is high quality and well prepared.

KidzArt session can be organised as a regular extra curricular or after school activities for students.  Our Certified Art Instructors will come to your school to organise and lead the session.  We also provide all the preparation and the art supplies.  All we need is a clean comfortable room with tables, chairs and white boards.  It can be a great complement that will make your schools shine above the rest.  Our program is unique and very well kid-tested to allow every student to participate.

KidzArt can also organise a one-time session in conjuction with a school event, parties, fairs or other activities.  We can organise the session based on the time allocated.  It can be a simple and short drawing project or it can also be a few hours session where we make a more complex project.  Most of KidzArt projects need no art experience.  So it's really trully for everyone.

Please contact us to discuss your requirment.  We trust we can always find a good match with your school needs.


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