Programs - Squiggles to Grins

For Ages 2 - 3 1/2 Years

plus Mommy or Daddy

Discovering the pure joy and absolute excitement of creating original art — with the bonus of having Mommy or Daddy* right there — is what KidzArt: SQUIGGLES TO GRINS is all about!

Two and three year olds are introduced to the lines and shapes that make up the ‘language’ of art. This is achieved through creative activities designed to enhance their motor skills, and complemented with inspiring storytelling, poetry, and sing-alongs created by Parents’ Choice Award winning KidzArt® singer/songwriters. At this age level they find great delight in exploring this new language by using washable paints and other non-toxic art materials to create recognizable forms. Their artful squiggles are soon followed by proud grins!

Please visit our Squiggles Gallery to see how our squiggles grin with pride.



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